The real home is the real life

Saying about going for holiday in my obviously home, in Samarinda, well yes preferrably called as holiday ‘not’ as ‘going home’. My past almost 9 years until last March (middle of) living in Jakarta where I called my home, my life. If the reason only to meet my family for going back home, I said no, my oldest brother has been living in Jakarta till now, my second oldest brother often had his business trip to Jakarta and of course another reason to meet me, my younger brother has been living in Bandung for study, well we met quite more than often, my father before he passed away was frequently visited me with mom. And what the reason I came home? Meet other families? Or others? While when I was home for school break or work break, I preferred to lazily do non particular things, or hanging out if got company or accompanied any other family members to work. Just that.

The real home is the real life.
I once decided not to go home when I got school break, that eventually marked my mind to only need going home once a year.

I once decided not to go home when Idl-Fitr, oh no, twice, that I thought that was normal, cause family came to Jakarta instead.

I often decided not to go home for long period. A week is normal, more than it way too long I thought. Which obviously marked my mind, a week holiday is enough and ready to be back in real life.

Making a U-Turn
At some points I may change cause of condition that set me up to it. I finally made a U turn last March 2015 after my golden free and independent period living alone that thought me details about living a life and living a dream.

The decision to go home, not holiday of course, not for short, undefined lenght of period it may take, enough to letting go some fears and gathering up bravery.

Here I am, trying to settle my heart at a point seemingly is not easy at all. Courageously, trying to settle my career life which no matter what I found it hard to settle, but I am not giving up tho. Like whenever I feel like being at home is my time to be lazy and my holiday time, but it should not be this time. So, waking up every single morning believing I will continue my real life and making money in this very real hometown just make me little bit nervous to handle, I haven’t settled yet. Not yet figuring out what I really want to do.

But my mind gets pretty brilliant, sometimes. I finally can fill my days by doing something interesting, but again is not long last, I easily get bored. Excluding family matter, like helping mom to do business, baby sitting my bro’s first daughter, house chores, I still need my own. I need to settle this, maybe because my life changed so drastically that I have not really planned anything before going back here.

But, I know for sure once I made the decision, I am not turning back until I get what I pursuing right here right now.

Trekking to Hatu Pahu Pahu, Ora Beach.

Continue from the first post, here is the third day at Ora Beach. Not much different from second day, it was raining lightly, lighter.

Crossing the sea by boat for 15-20 minutes we arrived at another beach still in Seram Island, under the rain we start trekking to a point where we could see an awesome view from above, and I forgot how high it was, but it only took 15 minutes to hike. The cliff was named as Hatu Pahu Pahu and it has three points for people to hike, point one to three, three is the highest about one hour hiking. Unfortunately, we only stop at the first, the lowest, it was not reccomended to go higher because of slippery tracks (because of rain!).

Well, I suggest if you go to Ora Beach try hiking higher the view must be fascinating. And try jumping from cliff Hatupia, will challenge your adrenaline. image Continue reading

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Buku Adventure Lovers ini kerja sama dengan sudah tersedia di gramedia. Cover dari buku ini juga owner wg. – with Diat

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Visiting Ora Beach, never be a mistake.

A week before going to Ora, I was checking the weather forecast wishing that the weather would not be same with Jakarta, which at that moment Jakarta was raining a lot.


My friends and I had been planning this holiday since last year, we booked the Ora Beach Resort around September 2014, gathered 12 people to join the trip so that the share cost should be lower. Me myself bought the ticket in November 2014, 2.5 million rupiah for a round trip ticket. It’s only a month and half after Rinjani Trip which was in mid February on Chinese New Year Holiday. And in between I had mountain trips in West Java that made my skin getting darker, but here we go :

Around 00.30 on Thursday Feb 19, our flight departed to Pattimura Airport and landed at 06.00 in the morning. One hour to Tulehu Port by car, 2 hours to Amahai Port (Masohi) by fast boat (or ferry?), another 3 hours to Saleman Village on Seram Island (we stopped to have lunch) by car, and finally 15 minutes from Saleman village to Ora Eco Resort by long boat, it was 3 PM.
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A mother, Allah hears her.

You’re healthy

Got good grades at elementary school

Also you’re smart little baby

You won math competitions

Or won any other competitions, sports, etc

I know you also got high scores on every quiz at school

You got a motorbike when passing the high school examination

Yes, you passed a favourite senior high school in town

You got first place in class

You got many friends

They love you

Teachers also adore you

You learned quick

You also listened well

And you know that you’ve grown up really well

You got acceptance into university, even tho it was not a favourite one

Oh you’re lucky, you got scholarship

Hhmmm you made awesome scores Continue reading

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Duo backpackers, Bali : Menjangan, Nusa Lembongan

Until I posted on forum I got a new friend who would join me to go to Bali. It was random idea to go on Christmas holiday because I got several days off before joining Rinjani trip for the new year holiday (previous post). Here was the agenda :

Dec 24 : morning flight to Surabaya, had a full day enjoying city explore. Had night train to Banyuwangi. In the train we met several other backpackers who shared the same feeling about low cost traveling.

Dec 25 : arrived Banyuwangi at dawn and continued to take 45-60 minutes ferry to Bali. And off to Menjangan island directly. We met another two friends at Menjangan which had been in contact before, and we organized the share cost for one day menjangan snorkeling, it was about 150K each including the boat and a guide. image
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New year at 3726 m asl


A long the year of 2014 I had been planning to hike Mt. Rinjani with some friends. The first plan was to hike in the middle of the year to avoid the rainy season. Plan changed due to work schedule and finally several friends just went by their own.

As I looked at my timeline and estimated the right time to take day off, I chose 25 December 2014 – 4 January 2015. I am on luck the project finished on schedule and I could easily go.

It’s rainy season of course, I knew I should be more careful to hike in this season and prepared everything, I had Semeru-rainy-experience last year that made me re-pack my carrier several times choosing clothes… choosing socks…etc. I even bought new waterproof and windproof gears.

Wisata Gunung schedule for Rinjani was 29 Dec – 4 Jan, so I made a new plan to visit Bali and Lombok from 25 Dec. And problem came which I needed to bring more clothes for beachhhh ! It took little bit (much) effort to organize my stuff as you can see below bag. Time to go !

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Jodoh, Destiny

I am not the one who is capable to write this topic,Β  but the thing I know for sure that Allah is the best planner and creates the best plan for each of us about this.

For 23 years of my life time as for today, finally I keep wondering whether I take the good path or not. I know Islam teaches us not to have serious relationship beside marriage, and before that ta’aruf is the best way. I keep following that path, InsyaAllah.

But, I also keep questioning how far my prayers go? How can I know he is the one or not the one? At the same time I know the answer, through Shalat Istikharah is one of the way to ask.

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RADUSA by πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ˜‰ – with Diat

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Describe the feeling of love

“I Love You So”

I pray to God
My heart, soul, and body
Every single day of my life
With every breath I solemnly promise
To try to live my life for you

O Allah, You did revive my soul
And shone Your light into my heart
So pleasing You is now my only goal
Oh I love You so
I love You so (I love You so)

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