Duo backpackers, Bali : Menjangan, Nusa Lembongan

Until I posted on http://www.backpackerindonesia.com forum I got a new friend who would join me to go to Bali. It was random idea to go on Christmas holiday because I got several days off before joining Rinjani trip for the new year holiday (previous post). Here was the agenda :

Dec 24 : morning flight to Surabaya, had a full day enjoying city explore. Had night train to Banyuwangi. In the train we met several other backpackers who shared the same feeling about low cost traveling.

Dec 25 : arrived Banyuwangi at dawn and continued to take 45-60 minutes ferry to Bali. And off to Menjangan island directly. We met another two friends at Menjangan which had been in contact before, and we organized the share cost for one day menjangan snorkeling, it was about 150K each including the boat and a guide. image

While these two friends went back to Banyuwangi, my friend (we can call her Ochie) and I went to Kuta by bus around 4 PM. Not to forget to taste Ayam Betutu at one of ‘not so fancy resto’ near Gilimanuk harbour before going. OMG, I did not enjoy this food because I am not a spicy eater.

Having complicated route and transportation, we finally took (expensive) taxi to find our hostel. We forgot to reserve motorbike before, because of the holiday season and Bali is the common destination people need to book rented car or motorbike long before coming to Bali. That was our mistake, along the way from Menjangan to Ubung terminal, we tried to contact the rented motorbike owners so that we could ride motorbike from Ubung to Kuta but we got nothing until we arrived at hostel and asked the receptionist whether she could arrange the motorbike or not. And taraaaa we got one that night.

Around 9PM we went out and had dinner nearby, walked around Kuta until midnight. The next day, we went to Sanur by Sarbagita took fast boat off to Nusa Lembongan. Oh ya, our hostel name was Papaya Backpacker, we booked via http://www.hostelworld.com a room contains 4 dorm-like beds. The hostel was clean, tidy, cozy ! image Dec 26 : after 45 minutes boating from Sanur, we finally arrived at Nusa Lembongan. This time we booked the resort via agoda.com for one night stay, Suka Beach Bungalow. It’s right in front of the beach, at Jungut Batu area. image 50K for rented motorbike, which was more expensive than in Kuta, we could easily go anywhere, that afternoon was really shiny and we could not resist to jump into the sea. We paid the snorkeling package which also includes 30 minutes boating to mangrove forest and snorkeling at Lembongan point, as you can see there are a lot of spots for snorkeling and diving but we only had one afternoon. And believe me the underwater of this island was very veeeryyy beautiful.

image We went back to resort around 5 and after bathing and cleaning we went to western part of this island. First we went to panaroma point, a hill where we could see the whole island, there was only one resto up there and the night view were just amazing while enjoying the dinner. Actually we only stopped by took some pics and continued to sunset point, dream beach and devil’s tear. This located at the very west side of the island and we could see sun set perfectly. Devil’s tear located not far from sunset point, it basically the edge of the island full of big corals, and when the wave crash this coral/coastline, a very horrifying yet incredible waves you ever see !

image image image Sun has set and we went back to have dinner and spa. Not until late, we prepared for the next day and slept.

Dec 27, after having breakfast at the resort we packed, returned the motorbike and took fast boat again to Sanur at 8AM. And this day was to enjoy Bali. We were back to Papaya Hostel because we only brought necessary clothes for one day Nusa Lembongan while other stuffs (carrier etc) were left at this hostel. We rented motorbike again, in the afternoon we went to market to buy Endek *Bali sarong/material*, went to souvenir shops, culinary and finally went to Uluwatu to see Kecak Dance.

We actually still had long journey ahead, me going to Rinjani and Ochie going to Sumba, and to avoid overload carrier and additional bag for next trip, we got an idea to send dirty clothes, unnecessary things, souvenirs, and of course my snorkle set via JNE :mrgreen: It was cloudy when we were watching Kecak Dance, almost raining tho, so no sunset view ! image Arriving Kuta at 8 and soon had dinner and bought snacks for the next day, leaving Bali off to Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Dec 28 : We check out at 6AM and started to move to Ketapang Harbour by Sarbagita and continued to take 12 seated mini bus. 4 hours ferry to Lembar Harbour and an hour by mini bus again to the damri terminal, and another hours to Praya International Airport to meet Rinjani team. Well, Ochie and I were separated at Damri Terminal, she was waiting for Damri to Sumba which depart at 9PM. See you again Ochie 🙂

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  1. melihatnya senang sekali… blog yang bagus…

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