Visiting Ora Beach, never be a mistake.

A week before going to Ora, I was checking the weather forecast wishing that the weather would not be same with Jakarta, which at that moment Jakarta was raining a lot.


My friends and I had been planning this holiday since last year, we booked the Ora Beach Resort around September 2014, gathered 12 people to join the trip so that the share cost should be lower. Me myself bought the ticket in November 2014, 2.5 million rupiah for a round trip ticket. It’s only a month and half after Rinjani Trip which was in mid February on Chinese New Year Holiday. And in between I had mountain trips in West Java that made my skin getting darker, but here we go :

Around 00.30 on Thursday Feb 19, our flight departed to Pattimura Airport and landed at 06.00 in the morning. One hour to Tulehu Port by car, 2 hours to Amahai Port (Masohi) by fast boat (or ferry?), another 3 hours to Saleman Village on Seram Island (we stopped to have lunch) by car, and finally 15 minutes from Saleman village to Ora Eco Resort by long boat, it was 3 PM.

The view along the road was forest with the high potential of landslide (if it’s raining), or if you know the road from Samarinda city to Balikpapan city (in east Borneo), it should be alike but with narrower road, that’s the big picture of Amahai Port to Saleman village, plus you can see Binaiya Mountain from a far.

After checked in and unpacked we played around the resort, evening snack, enjoying sunset (there was no sun tho haha). (Un)fortunately the weather forecast was near accurate, it said light rain, then yes it was light rain plus big waves, but some friends were still enjoying jumping from our back door of our room to swim in the sea.


I was wishing the next day would much brighter with sun :).

Second day, Feb 20. Was it raining? Yes. Since morning the sky above the the sea was dark, cloudy. But we tried to stick to the schedule, after breakfast and waited for few hours we finally started around 10 AM.

Ora beach is located on the north coast of Seram Island, the largest island in Maluku Province. This island is also famous with the bird population.

We went to the first spot, Hatu Pia cliff, the cliff where you could jump from some point after climbing. And not far from there, there’s a cave between the cliff which only 15-20 meters deep.


We swam and snorkled around the cliff for some time, eventho rain was pouring lightly we still enjoy taking pictures. And then we moved to the next location, gazebo in the middle of the sea.


Around snack time we finally decided to go back and swam around the resort, then had dinner and slept. How much it costed? We actually paid about 3 million rupiah each person included transportation airport to Ora and back, 3 nights stay at ‘Kamar Laut’, 3 times meals plus evening snacks each day, and boats.

… to be continued.

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