Trekking to Hatu Pahu Pahu, Ora Beach.

Continue from the first post, here is the third day at Ora Beach. Not much different from second day, it was raining lightly, lighter.

Crossing the sea by boat for 15-20 minutes we arrived at another beach still in Seram Island, under the rain we start trekking to a point where we could see an awesome view from above, and I forgot how high it was, but it only took 15 minutes to hike. The cliff was named as Hatu Pahu Pahu and it has three points for people to hike, point one to three, three is the highest about one hour hiking. Unfortunately, we only stop at the first, the lowest, it was not reccomended to go higher because of slippery tracks (because of rain!).

Well, I suggest if you go to Ora Beach try hiking higher the view must be fascinating. And try jumping from cliff Hatupia, will challenge your adrenaline. image Satisfied with the view we went down and crossing sea again to another famous spot called Mata Air Belanda, here we only played randomly, playing with wave, sands, took pictures and soaking in the hot spring (mata air belanda) which not really hot, but warm enough.

As we went back to resort, our guide recommended to go another place, I don’t know what was the name, it was only coconut tree that dangles to the beach and sea. Visitors usually try to walk on that and take picture, if the angle is good then the picture comes out good. That was what we intended to try. From ora beach port we started walking through the beach to east direction. That was worse, the rain falling heavier as we walked (but trekking still continued), until there was part of the beach that had been covered by the sea, we walked through that, were brought by waves, my feet did not touch the sands anymore, holding hands tightly because some of us just could not walk right, me especially.

Finally we arrived fortunately, spent several minutes trying to walk on the tree, took pictures that were not that good like we saw on google. Went back to the resort with result some friends had their phone and camera broken. But, that was fun. Night came and that night was the last night in Ora Beach. The next morning we went back to Ambon city.

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