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The real home is the real life

Saying about going for holiday in my obviously home, in Samarinda, well yes preferrably called as holiday ‘not’ as ‘going home’. My past almost 9 years until last March (middle of) living in Jakarta where I called my home, my life. If the reason only to meet my family for going back home, I said no, my oldest brother has been living in Jakarta till now, my second oldest brother often had his business trip to Jakarta and of course another reason to meet me, my younger brother has been living in Bandung for study, well we met quite more than often, my father before he passed away was frequently visited me with mom. And what the reason I came home? Meet other families? Or others? While when I was home for school break or work break, I preferred to lazily do non particular things, or hanging out if got company or accompanied any other family members to work. Just that.

The real home is the real life.
I once decided not to go home when I got school break, that eventually marked my mind to only need going home once a year.

I once decided not to go home when Idl-Fitr, oh no, twice, that I thought that was normal, cause family came to Jakarta instead.

I often decided not to go home for long period. A week is normal, more than it way too long I thought. Which obviously marked my mind, a week holiday is enough and ready to be back in real life.

Making a U-Turn
At some points I may change cause of condition that set me up to it. I finally made a U turn last March 2015 after my golden free and independent period living alone that thought me details about living a life and living a dream.

The decision to go home, not holiday of course, not for short, undefined lenght of period it may take, enough to letting go some fears and gathering up bravery.

Here I am, trying to settle my heart at a point seemingly is not easy at all. Courageously, trying to settle my career life which no matter what I found it hard to settle, but I am not giving up tho. Like whenever I feel like being at home is my time to be lazy and my holiday time, but it should not be this time. So, waking up every single morning believing I will continue my real life and making money in this very real hometown just make me little bit nervous to handle, I haven’t settled yet. Not yet figuring out what I really want to do.

But my mind gets pretty brilliant, sometimes. I finally can fill my days by doing something interesting, but again is not long last, I easily get bored. Excluding family matter, like helping mom to do business, baby sitting my bro’s first daughter, house chores, I still need my own. I need to settle this, maybe because my life changed so drastically that I have not really planned anything before going back here.

But, I know for sure once I made the decision, I am not turning back until I get what I pursuing right here right now.


Buku Adventure Lovers ini kerja sama dengan sudah tersedia di gramedia. Cover dari buku ini juga owner wg. – with Diat

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RADUSA by 😊☺😉 – with Diat

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Describe the feeling of love

“I Love You So”

I pray to God
My heart, soul, and body
Every single day of my life
With every breath I solemnly promise
To try to live my life for you

O Allah, You did revive my soul
And shone Your light into my heart
So pleasing You is now my only goal
Oh I love You so
I love You so (I love You so)

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Has been here : 0 KM Indonesia – Weh Island [Sabang Trip Part 1]

I believe, whoever loves traveling, weh island is one of the dream destinations. On April 17, I took half day work because, that date was the date written on my flight ticket to Aceh, Thursday 17 April 2013 17.35.

The planning initially came from Semeru group because one of friend lives in Aceh. Okay, me and Fathia were the most excited to plan the trip. We bought the ticket in January and were busy planning everything such what to do there, where to visit, and of course the budget. We were worried because seemed only 3 of us wanted to join the trip, until I posted the plan on BPI Forum and backpacker facebook, and people started contacting me and finally we got 14 people for this group trip. In early April, we started to reserve the car, bungalow in Sabang, and hotel in Aceh. And H-1 we finally finalized the itinerary and completed the budgeting. Yey !

The journey started by having very heavy traffic on the way to Soeta Airport, no wonder because it was long weekend holiday, everyone seemed to have their planning to go on holiday. Anyw, after very last minutes checked in, we finally met each other in the boarding waiting room. FYI, the group consist of me and my friends (4 people), Rizky by his own still univ student, Mba Lilita’s group (3 people), Fachri and friends (6 people).

After having short transit in Medan, we arrived Sultan Iskandar Muda Intl Airport – Aceh around 10PM. I can say that this is the most silent and quiet airport ever, we only walked around 5 minutes to reach the outer gate.

Thursday night in Aceh? Not like what I heard before, the city was still alive at 11PM, many restaurant and coffee shop still open at this hour. We soon asked the driver to take us to eat the most famous mie aceh in town, Mie Aceh Razali, right next to it, the famous Nasi Goreng Daus, both of them provide various combination of seafood. Full enough eating mie aceh, we directly went to Chrystall Guesthouse at Sultan Iskandar Street to spend the night before off to Sabang the next day. Oh ya, make sure when you visit Aceh, spend your time enjoying night by drinking coffee at one of coffee shop, the famous ones : yellow coffee & dhapu coffee.

Mie Razali

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Ketemunya di Semeru, ngelamarnya di Rinjani, sabi bgt sih Ase – Noe ! sekarang sudah sampai Sulawesi loh.
Have a safe flight back here brother 😉 – with Diat

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Getting Away

Did I ever say that I love traveling ? oh yes, you  can look back to my older writings about my ‘city explore’ and ‘nature explore’ traveling in other countries and in Indonesia.

I realize, now I’m trying to write again after my last writing over a year ago. A year, many things happened including my way to get away from anything related to my dad, I don’t know it just took me so much time to wake up and get up from my very bottom position, but yeah I have my new interests to make me motivated as I inhale and exhale my breath everyday.

After city explore is too mainstream to travel, I follow my brothers traveling story, about how they worship nature and how they learn many things about nature and human. I am amazed, and currently I am more into exploring mountains ! It’s my current getting away.


May 2012 – April 2013 : A story behind A story

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

I wrote “A very dramatic life story” on previous post was not all about my final bachelor year. There was a story behind the happiness of my successful final year.

May 2012

  • I was joining conference in Bandung for a week when my father was on business trip to Jakarta and Bandung. Because conference schedule was tight, I could not meet him. He only met my little brother and my oldest brother in Bandung & Jakarta.
  • The next day after my father arrived safely at home, He could not get up from sleep, could not even talk, mother and other family found out that my father got stroke which right part of his body remain unmoved. He was hospitalized for 3 weeks.
  • I didn’t go home because my mother did not allow me to

June 2012

  • My father was released from hospital and continued the treatments and therapies.
  • I went home before UAS for a week to help my mother treating and nursing my father
  • My father cried when I left him at dawn off to Jakarta again
  • My father as still in shock condition (in psychology theory means my father did not accept his condition and acted like he was healthy)

July 2012

  • Ramadhan comes, my little brother went home for holiday for two months. Mother, 2nd oldest brother and little brother brought my father to Sulawesi to spend the Ramadhan and Ied Fitr with family, the purpose was also to gain supports from close families.
  • My mother learned how to carry my father to walk by her side
  • My father still in shock condition

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Final Year of Bachelor


A very dramatic life story I say for the past one year, so many things happened. I would say those times are my most unforgettable moments I had until now. Those starting May 2012 until April 2013, was my final year bachelor where I striving for my internship, final project and exam, graduation, job, lastly my role as vice president in one of international organization in Binus University.

Does it sound a perfect year? Because once it’s over, it feels like we went through a super heavy part of our college year and feels like we catch a big shark. Yes, I did.

Well, I was doing my internship in Unilever Indonesia as Supply Chain intern from July 2012 until September 2012. To get this kind of opportunity was not that easy, I submitted the proposal to several other companies before but no responds until I bravely  sent one to Unilever Indonesia with doubts, after several meetings, I got accepted.

Unilever Intern

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I am not sure to talk about changes here but truly I need to speak it up. What can you say when you see your old friends have changed ? when they changed into a bad way what can you do? and how if they change into a really best shape, will you envy? Here is the thing I need to clarify about being a human.

You supposely say “you changed alot so far darl !”, in a good way but honestly you envy him/her, is not it?. I am saying this because there are several friends of mine really changed the way they want to be. But honestly as a human I can not neglect that I also want to be like them. Then, when my ego goes off and realize that everyone has own path of life makes me wondering what kind of changes that I made through the whole time when I look into those friends? I started to write down ‘the old me’ and ‘the present me’ and find any differences.

The thing is, when I could not find any difference then I need to re-think what is the meaning of this life when I’m just staying without moving while people change progressively? I agree with the saying “you are competing your life with your time”, means that time is our measurement of changing life,so be careful because time can easily win your life over ! I hate people saying “I regret to not taking those opportunity when I was young”. Hope it’s not happening to me :).

Believe me try this out to find how far you have changed and you will find how to make yourself changes progressively.

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