Jodoh, Destiny

I am not the one who is capable to write this topic,  but the thing I know for sure that Allah is the best planner and creates the best plan for each of us about this.

For 23 years of my life time as for today, finally I keep wondering whether I take the good path or not. I know Islam teaches us not to have serious relationship beside marriage, and before that ta’aruf is the best way. I keep following that path, InsyaAllah.

But, I also keep questioning how far my prayers go? How can I know he is the one or not the one? At the same time I know the answer, through Shalat Istikharah is one of the way to ask.

Shalat istikharah, as my understanding goes, Allah gives the guidance for all the dua’, a person usually performs shalat istikharah to ask about this thing. So do I. For the sake of my curiosity about my destiny I asked through istikharah.

One problem, well is not problem actually, another one question that I always ask my mom, how can I know that it is the answer of my dua’? Should I perform shalat istikharah again and again until Allah shows me the answer?

What will you say if the answer of my curiosity is mystery? Yes it’s all mystery in this life.
Yes, love is mystery, destiny

I can easily believe that, and waiting is not always a good move. Waiting with the patience and keep closer to Allah is better. I believe Allah hears, listens, and does understand when is the perfect time.

Okay, about 25% of my heart and mind still wondering, no, maybe nervous about the answer.

Through readings and tausiyah, I finally can keep my heart and mind calm :
– The one who ask you to have a serious relationship, marriage.
– The one who makes you get closer to Allah
– The one who makes you keep thinking about Allah
– The one who does not make you ‘galau’

Are the criteria. Important thing : focusing to get closer to Allah and ask persistently. As-Sami, Al-Mujib, Al-Wadud.

Meeting friends.
Several weeks after my move to my hometown, I finally met my elementary school friends at one of friend’s wedding. When I asked them about the boyfriends they got, they answered do not have at the moment and wanting not to have one. Their answers just make me confuse, and they continued, “I am waiting for someone who proposes me to marry him, no more boyfriend”

May Allah blesses us all and guide us to the right path. Amin.

PS : I am sorry for the amateur writing, if it does not make sense correct me if I am wrong.



2 thoughts on “Jodoh, Destiny

  1. agushoe says:

    Ciee…Cie…Elly Galau…
    Go get some vacation el…

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