Batik, a heritage we should proud of.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Yesterday, which is Sunday June 23 I went to Museum Tekstil Jakarta to attend “Pemilihan Duta Museum Tekstil”. Although not much people know about this event, but for me this is an important purpose for us, for Indonesians to know about Museum Tekstil, which is located between Pelni Hospital and Tanah Abang Market, Jl. Tubun. Anyway, I am not talking much about the ambassadors, one sure catches my eyes is Ngebatik (Doing Batik) on Pendopo Batik ( A place to make Batik).

First of all, we were given a small square white fabric to draw whatever pattern we like using a usual pencil. Don’t worry, for amateur like me, they gave samples to draw so that I could easily follow the pattern. I drew a peacock at the center, leaves and waves surround as I improvised. After the wax boiled enough, we applied the hot wax onto the cloth by using canting tools (see the picture below about canting tool). Then we applied according to the pattern we drew, carefully, lines between lines. Make sure to apply the wax to both sides of  the cloth. The wax color we used was dark brown and it’s the basic color for canting process.


You can’t do directly as you see the picture, the instructor taught us about “sitting”, “canting”, and “even how we hold the cloth” technique. If we disobey any of these, surely the result would not come out as we expected. As I was applying the wax, I replaced the wax inside the canting tool with the new one several times to make it apparently perfect, but, the hot  wax landed to my skin and I was shocked. Anyway, after canting process, we went to the painting process and chose what color we wanted to apply to our pattern. As amateur, we only had one choice of color, I chose Red *it’s pink basically*, The painting it self consist of several steps, first the cloth need to be washed with clean water, second the cloth was soaked into Chemical Water *kind of the chemical thingy which can bind color, third soaked into the color water, fourth washed with clean water again *different water with the first one*, lastly the cloth was dried on the rope.

Focus on the pattern I drew :)

After several hours, we could finally take it and brought to our home. it was first my master piece. Here it is :

Camera 360


I visited another part of the museum, which is batik gallery, where all kind of Batik from all over Indonesia are displayed here. As our basic knowledge, Batik varies accord to it’s origin, batik from Java has different structure with batik from Sumatra, Kalimantan, and other places. Batik is not only a batik, but cloth behind the pattern has meaning and telling how it’s made of.  And I am proud to have seen all of these, to know this kind of museum we have, and to know the history of our heritage. If there is workshop about Ngebatik again, I wanna join ! i still can’t figure out how people can make batik so beautiful and colorful. Here is my favourite pattern I found in the gallery :

Batik Kaligrafi


For more info, I recommend you to visit this museum.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


One thought on “Batik, a heritage we should proud of.

  1. kimi kaos says:

    batik itu ya harus dijadikan pakaian wajib oleh pemerintah terutama kalangan pelajar.walau sekarang udah diterapkan sih tapi masih ada yang belum diterapkan

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