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New year at 3726 m asl


A long the year of 2014 I had been planning to hike Mt. Rinjani with some friends. The first plan was to hike in the middle of the year to avoid the rainy season. Plan changed due to work schedule and finally several friends just went by their own.

As I looked at my timeline and estimated the right time to take day off, I chose 25 December 2014 – 4 January 2015. I am on luck the project finished on schedule and I could easily go.

It’s rainy season of course, I knew I should be more careful to hike in this season and prepared everything, I had Semeru-rainy-experience last year that made me re-pack my carrier several times choosing clothes… choosing socks…etc. I even bought new waterproof and windproof gears.

Wisata Gunung schedule for Rinjani was 29 Dec – 4 Jan, so I made a new plan to visit Bali and Lombok from 25 Dec. And problem came which I needed to bring more clothes for beachhhh ! It took little bit (much) effort to organize my stuff as you can see below bag. Time to go !

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Semeru – Mahameru, will be there again :)

December 18th, me and Fathia had the latest flight to Surabaya like around 10PM, exactly in the middle of night we arrived at Juanda Airport. We did not know where to sleep (planned to sleep at the airport while waiting damri in the morning) but no sleeping allowed, we were too afraid to take public transportation (such as taxi) because we did not know where to go, everything was unplanned, until we found one person who wanted to go to Malang by renting a car, and finally we went to malang directly with this one stranger. At 02.30AM, we arrived in Malang, the driver helped us to find a room for us to rest, but we ended up at McDonalds 24 hours because no room available at that time. We ate a very early breakfast at 03.30AM, and soon had our very-short-sleep still at McD. Adzan came and we walked to Mosque near Malang Train Station, we only could walk, nothing we could ride to reach the mosque,Malang city is so quiet that dawn. And yes, we slept in mosque until 08.00AM and soon went to train station which 500M away from this mosque.

Meeting the team !

Although several of us were late because unexpected things happened, around 12PM we finally left the station for Pasar Tumpang to have our next transportation – Jeep to Ranu pani Village – Lumajang. The team was fun and solid, they threw jokes easily and everybody seemed happy and relax to start the journey, only in few minutes we suddenly became friends. Oh ya, there’s one from Malaysia, she is one of an expert for hiking.

Before off to Ranu Pani

Ranu Kumbolo 2400 masl !

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