Has been here : 0 KM Indonesia – Weh Island [Sabang Trip Part 1]

I believe, whoever loves traveling, weh island is one of the dream destinations. On April 17, I took half day work because, that date was the date written on my flight ticket to Aceh, Thursday 17 April 2013 17.35.

The planning initially came from Semeru group because one of friend lives in Aceh. Okay, me and Fathia were the most excited to plan the trip. We bought the ticket in January and were busy planning everything such what to do there, where to visit, and of course the budget. We were worried because seemed only 3 of us wanted to join the trip, until I posted the plan on BPI Forum and backpacker facebook, and people started contacting me and finally we got 14 people for this group trip. In early April, we started to reserve the car, bungalow in Sabang, and hotel in Aceh. And H-1 we finally finalized the itinerary and completed the budgeting. Yey !

The journey started by having very heavy traffic on the way to Soeta Airport, no wonder because it was long weekend holiday, everyone seemed to have their planning to go on holiday. Anyw, after very last minutes checked in, we finally met each other in the boarding waiting room. FYI, the group consist of me and my friends (4 people), Rizky by his own still univ student, Mba Lilita’s group (3 people), Fachri and friends (6 people).

After having short transit in Medan, we arrived Sultan Iskandar Muda Intl Airport – Aceh around 10PM. I can say that this is the most silent and quiet airport ever, we only walked around 5 minutes to reach the outer gate.

Thursday night in Aceh? Not like what I heard before, the city was still alive at 11PM, many restaurant and coffee shop still open at this hour. We soon asked the driver to take us to eat the most famous mie aceh in town, Mie Aceh Razali, right next to it, the famous Nasi Goreng Daus, both of them provide various combination of seafood. Full enough eating mie aceh, we directly went to Chrystall Guesthouse at Sultan Iskandar Street to spend the night before off to Sabang the next day. Oh ya, make sure when you visit Aceh, spend your time enjoying night by drinking coffee at one of coffee shop, the famous ones : yellow coffee & dhapu coffee.

Mie Razali

Friday, 18 April 2014

Early morning we left guesthouse and arrived Ulee Lhee port around 7AM. Intended to take ferry ticket at 8AM, but surprisingly, the tickets were sold out by the people who ordered via phone and some travel agency, no ticket left at the locket, so we’re advised to wait fo another ferry depart at 10AM. Everyone in the queue in front of the locket seemed upset and angry including us, it was unfair, at least they had to put half ticket for people who buy at the locket. A man approached us (Calo, do not know in English) offered us ticket 10K more expensive, okay it was a good deal and we took it. And finally 8 of us departed at 9AM to Sabang, while 6 others were having a trouble reaching Aceh on time from Medan, then they took ferry at 10AM. 45 minutes away from Ule Lhee Port, we arrived at Balohan Port Sabang !

pelabuhan balohan sabang

After the group completed, we went directly to Sabang City for lunch and Friday Prayer. On Friday, every shop in Sabang will close at 1PM. We stopped by at Piyoh souvenir shop and bought several souvenirs, the one that I like the most is its tagline “Trus aku harus bilang ‘weh’ gitu?”. After that, we stopped at the mosque, while the boys were doing friday prayer, me and others (who don’t do friday prayer) got a chance to enjoy the city by borrowing our rented car. We went to Kasih beach, not typical for snorkeling, just a beach to play on the sands.

Piyoh Design  Kasih Beach

The rest journey that day will be explained by pictures below :

1. Visiting Pria Laot Waterfall. It’s approximately 5 meters deep, several of us could not stand to swim and jump in because of the water was so fresh and it was surrounded by trees, it was so exciting and refreshing.

2. Stopping by to see Klah Island from above. Rujak Klah is the famous mixed fruits from Sabang, when I looked up on google to find out the meaning of this Rujak, it says ‘it’s named Rujak Klah because when you can enjoy Klah Island while eating this Rujak’, and yes this is the only place you can find rujak klah. (see picture below, the small island at the center is Klah Island)

3. Enjoying sunset at 0 KM Indonesia Monument. This is the most western spot in Indonesia, the place where you can get visitor certificate by paying 20K. In Sabang, we can see the sunset around 6.30PM – 7PM.

To be continued…

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