Trip Rusuh Dieng – Prau [Perfect Getaway-1]

Setelah hampir putus asa, bingung mau liburan kemana untuk long weekend berikutnya (29 Maret – 31 Maret kemarin), si Fathia nge chat gue pagi-pagi ngasih link kaskus tentang trip ke Dieng-Prau. Gue, tanpa pikir panjang langsung aja ngajakin orang-orang dan ya langsung daftar. Kenapa gak pikir panjang? Soalnya trip ke Dieng-Prau sudah ada di agenda gue dan partner in crime gue ini di bulan Januari akhir (long weekend juga), yang sayangnya dibatalin karena musim hujan dan Prau ditutup.

Secara pribadi gue antusias banget join trip ini, waktu gabung di group whatsapp nya meyakinkan banget kalau ini tripnya gak bakalan kaku. Ditambah lagi tujuannya, Prau, gunung, gue kangen gunung ! gue kangen ngecamp ! Mungkin kalau trip nya cuman wisata Dieng, gue bakal request  selipin di itinerary nya hiking to Prau kali ya, tuh kan gue kangen hirup udara sejuk.

Belakangan gue tau trip ini di organize oleh Bang Jamal and the team di NgeTripMulu , dan ini dia pasukan rusuh nya :

Before leaving

18-Hour Sleeping!

Oh well, it’s not like we slept for 18 hours, but, our Dieng-Prau-Weekend-Getaway was started by having such terrible traffic on the way to Dieng Wonosobo. We gathered at 9PM in UKI (Christian University of Indonesia), left for Wonosobo at 10PM by having expectation “WILL ARRIVE AT 10AM”. Okay, we got two rented mini bus which has 14 seats each, it was enough, yes enough for us to sit, but seemed not enough when our stuffs mingled in. But, after a very tidy bag arrangement, we finally could move comfortably (was it everyone?) and were ready to leave for Wonosobo, yeay !

The ELF mates

ELF Mates

Changing the plan!

Tuh kan gue udah bilang kalau tripnya gak kaku dan gak manja ! Because we arrived at 4PM, hardly to stick to the plan, “the show must go on”, until our boss (then call him ‘Bang Jamal’) decided to change the plan. Everybody agreed to have night trekking to Prau, and I absolutely had the same idea, so that we could visit many places the next day. Every mountain has its beauty and its characteristic, bang Jamal said it was 3-hour-light-trekking, in fact, that statement is for the pros! The track was uphill all the way, and it was dark, much more difficult than trekking at noon, especially for beginners. But Alhamdulillah everyone reached 2565 MASL, our team fully gathered at the camping ground by 2AM.

I saw the stars, soon when we arrived; I sat and only looked at the sky, I was falling in love with that particular night, the tiredness, the cramps, the hunger just went away (eh maaf agak lebay but it’s true). That was the feeling of peace. But, the noisy voice distracted my attention, the noise came from other hikers, that time, 2565 MASL land was filled by colorful tents, so many hikers had the same mission with us, seeing the stars from 2565 MASL.

Bobo bertaburan bintang

Happy Birthday Brother!

My personal mission was saying Happy Birthday to my little brother, thank you for helping ya guys 😉

Diat, Happy Birthday

Going Down

After cooking, eating, and packing, we’re ready to witness the beauty of Mount Prau, while going down, we took many pictures, witnessed the hills over another hills, witnessed a very picturesque savanna, and many beautiful things. I was having very heavy stomachache and only wanted to go to bathroom, so I was walking down fast :D.

Going down

To be continued…[See next post]

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