Semeru – Mahameru, will be there again :)

December 18th, me and Fathia had the latest flight to Surabaya like around 10PM, exactly in the middle of night we arrived at Juanda Airport. We did not know where to sleep (planned to sleep at the airport while waiting damri in the morning) but no sleeping allowed, we were too afraid to take public transportation (such as taxi) because we did not know where to go, everything was unplanned, until we found one person who wanted to go to Malang by renting a car, and finally we went to malang directly with this one stranger. At 02.30AM, we arrived in Malang, the driver helped us to find a room for us to rest, but we ended up at McDonalds 24 hours because no room available at that time. We ate a very early breakfast at 03.30AM, and soon had our very-short-sleep still at McD. Adzan came and we walked to Mosque near Malang Train Station, we only could walk, nothing we could ride to reach the mosque,Malang city is so quiet that dawn. And yes, we slept in mosque until 08.00AM and soon went to train station which 500M away from this mosque.

Meeting the team !

Although several of us were late because unexpected things happened, around 12PM we finally left the station for Pasar Tumpang to have our next transportation – Jeep to Ranu pani Village – Lumajang. The team was fun and solid, they threw jokes easily and everybody seemed happy and relax to start the journey, only in few minutes we suddenly became friends. Oh ya, there’s one from Malaysia, she is one of an expert for hiking.

Before off to Ranu Pani

Ranu Kumbolo 2400 masl !

We arrived at Ranu Pani around 4PM, soon we recharged our energy by eating Rawon and continue the journey, trekking for 10,5KM to Ranu Kumbolo at 5PM. The guide said we would be arriving at 9-10PM, but hey we were new beginners (mostly)! we were amateurs(mostly) ! it was night, and I did not expect we would have night trekking. Of course the trek was dangerous, it was rainy season and yes it was raining all the way up to Ranu Kumbolo, there were many fallen tree and erosion that made the trek even more dangerous. But, we got several professional hikers also, who arrived Ranu Kumbolo as expected time, they are our friend from Malaysia and two others from Depok, the guides re of course pro but because they needed to stay with us (beginners), they, along with us arrived Ranu Kumbolo at 1AM. My carrier was wet out-inside and it became heavy to carry. We were tired, our feet cramped here and there, it was cold rainy, I could not think anything just wanted to sleep  and I missed my bed already :(. The most important was we had to have meal before sleeping because one rule : in mountain, we can’t let our stomach empty before sleeping.

The next morning came, and finally I thank to God I can inhale and exhale my breath with the fresh air, I looked around and realized how beautiful it was, soon I walked down and up to the lake, took pictures and just stay still, standing just somewhere capturing the beautiful heavenly view. It was perfect morning I could say, after got very terrible night and sleeping, I was vomited because of the coldness around 4AM and could not sleep well until woke up in the morning. Yes, the morning such a medicine !

Ranu Kumbolo

Let’s Go to Kalimati, 2700 masl 🙂

At 9AM, we left for Kalimati, this was the interesting one, if you had watched ‘5 CM’ movie, you should know ‘Tanjakan Cinta’ ( The Slope of Love) myth. Anyway, I am not really into myth, the slope seemed short but in fact, it was long and high, as we reached at the top we took several minutes rest and continued to see the amazing savanna Oro Oro Ombo, Pine Trees at Cemoro Kandang until we reach 2700 masl Kalimati at 1PM after 4-hour and 7,5 KM trekking. It was still raining all the way here, the scenery was not as I expected, of course because it was rainy season, yet it’s still amazing for me, it was hard to take pictures also :(.

Mahameru from Kalimati

After we set our tent up, soon we cooked, ate and took our sleep to get ready to reach the Mahameru in the middle of night. From here we could see the great Mahameru standing in front of our eyes. And it seemed impossible to hike because it’s still raining. Everyone seemed disappointed, several of us insisted on going, while the guides said that better not to go. We slept and woke up around 12AM, and Alhamdulillah the rain stopped, Allah heard our prays, everybody looked happy and thankful, soon we prepared, ate anything we had. And at 1AM we started to reach Mahameru.

Reaching The Greatness Mahameru, 3676 masl

2,7 KM away from Kalimati. First we reached Arcopodo, 2900 masl, through pine forest and slippery – landslide track. With fully difficulties and dangerous track (there’re ravine along the way to Arcopodo). We arrived Arcopodo around 2.30AM and this place was the boundary/last area of vegetation in Mount Semeru, the rest journey would be sand dune with 70 degree slope (if I’m not mistaken).

The team was separated, I was alone and here I felt like I was in the battle with my feeling and my mind, I was tired, my drinking bottle was almost empty and the brown sugar I hold in my right hand that I ate was mixed with the sands because I fell down so many times. It tasted terrible ! Until, my flashlight was out of battery, someone from behind lent me his head lamp, I did not recognize his face because the sun had not showed up and it was dark, he was not in our group, and until now I do not have chance to give it back :D.

Finally we reached at the 3676 masl, the highest point in Java Island, Alhamdulillah.



They said I was the first female hiker who reached at Mahameru that day. This is amazing !

Going Back

We went down easily, took pictures, told stories, made jokes, packing our stuff, Kalimati – stayed one night at Ranu Kumbolo – Ranu Pani Village – Malang. I absolutely will be here again ❤

Rakum View

The Team

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