Thank You, Papandayan !


My very first experience exploring mountain in Indonesia was Mt. Papandayan, Garut. it was in the middle of October, I was bravely went to Garut by myself. Because it was my first time I did not even know how hard and dangerous it was because, if I see my brothers, they are actually cool and strong enough to hike and climb, and I questioned my self, why could not I?  So, from this point I decided to go to Papandayan.

PS : Actually my brother did not allow me to hike, I just push myself to have this awesome experience. And after that

One brother told me : “Hati hati ya nanjak itu adiktif loh, hebat Halla !”

Another brother told me : “Mantab Halla, tapi jangan sampai kena keracunan akut negeri di atas awan ya Halla”,

*my brothers keep calling me ‘Halla’ fiuh.


Padang Edelweis

Padang Edelweis




And, yes thank you Papandayan, you are beautiful ! you made me realize about anything, especially when I met people whom I had not met before and making friends. And, surely, there will be another hiking !


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Papandayan !

  1. The first ascent you are not separated from my side during the trip.. 😀

  2. Frenky says:

    It was great experience for hiking Mt Papandayan with you, actually at first I wasn’t believe you were Adi’ sister #Peace

    Maybe we can make second experience to hike together again at Mt Rinjani, cheers 🙂

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