May 2012 – April 2013 : A story behind A story

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

I wrote “A very dramatic life story” on previous post was not all about my final bachelor year. There was a story behind the happiness of my successful final year.

May 2012

  • I was joining conference in Bandung for a week when my father was on business trip to Jakarta and Bandung. Because conference schedule was tight, I could not meet him. He only met my little brother and my oldest brother in Bandung & Jakarta.
  • The next day after my father arrived safely at home, He could not get up from sleep, could not even talk, mother and other family found out that my father got stroke which right part of his body remain unmoved. He was hospitalized for 3 weeks.
  • I didn’t go home because my mother did not allow me to

June 2012

  • My father was released from hospital and continued the treatments and therapies.
  • I went home before UAS for a week to help my mother treating and nursing my father
  • My father cried when I left him at dawn off to Jakarta again
  • My father as still in shock condition (in psychology theory means my father did not accept his condition and acted like he was healthy)

July 2012

  • Ramadhan comes, my little brother went home for holiday for two months. Mother, 2nd oldest brother and little brother brought my father to Sulawesi to spend the Ramadhan and Ied Fitr with family, the purpose was also to gain supports from close families.
  • My mother learned how to carry my father to walk by her side
  • My father still in shock condition

August 2012

  • They are still in Sulawesi
  • My father still in shock condition

September 2012

  • My little brother went back to Bandung, continue his study, father cried.
  • My father still in shock condition
  • My father started to sit on wheelchair

October 2012

  • They stayed in Sulawesi to get supports
  • My father turned into bad, he rebelled, did not listen, and started to use his power to reject any treatments. He looked tired of his condition (was still in shock condition)

November 2012

  • My 2nd oldest brother got married, the plan was delayed, the proposal was in April right before my father went to Bandung for business trip.
  • My mother and father did not want to attend the wedding because of father’s condition. Only grandma and grandpa planned to attend. After all, father cried and gave signal that he wanted to come. Mother, Father, Grandma, Grandpa came.
  • I came helping the wedding
  • It was dramatic yet happy moments, father could only look and crying, I could see he was really happy but sad at the same time.
  • My father was in “accepting condition” (in psychology theory means he was able to accept and understand his current condition)

December 2012

  • Father, having tight treatment and improved treatments because his condition improved, he started to make voice and his health was balanced, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension at normal level.
  • He was in “accepting condition”, he acted like a baby

January 2013

  • I informed my father that I finished my final project to make him happy and spirit
  • He was in “accepting condition”, he acted like a baby
  • My little brother came home, he had one month holiday
  • My father was having better appetite
  • My father started to have smiley face

February 2013

  • My little brother told me that he wanted to stop studying in UNPAD and move to UNMUL so that he could help mother and father. But, I did not allow it
  • My little brother went to Bandung again, father was crying wanted to go Bandung to live with him (little brother)
  • My father had good appetite and showed great improvement
  • My father was having smiley face every time
  • I was informed that hyperbaric therapy is good for stroke, then I encourage my mother to go for hyperbaric therapy
  • My father was in “motivated condition” ( in psychology theory means he had good motivation to recover and healthy again)

March 2013

  • My father was in “motivated condition”
  • I found nearest place for hyperbaric therapy which in RS Pertamina Balikpapan, and mother planned to bring father there.
  • My father was having smiley face every time, everyone was happy and optimist
  • My father still continued his other therapies because father condition improved well
  • I informed my father that I passed the final exam of my final project and got an A, also informed that I had my first and second interviews with one of big company in Jakarta to make him feel better.
  • I believe he wanted to say “Selamat ya Nak, Jangan lupa selalu bersyukur. Jangan tinggalkan sholat lima waktu dan sholat tahajjud. Jaga pergaulanmu ya Nak ya”, that was the sentence he always said every time he called me.

April 2013

  • On April 2, I got a phone call told that I got employed to a consulting company.
  • On April 3 Afternoon, I informed my mother and father about me got employed and they sounded really happy and congratulated me
  • On April 3 Evening, my father ate his favorite food and ate  several times already
  • On April 3 Night at 9 WITA, my father was sleeping but suddenly woke up and vomited
  • My dad was brought to hospital, doctors tried to stabilize his condition until 11PM, we lost him, Allah SWT took him to a beautiful place, Surga.
  • April 16 was my first day at work


It’s not easy to let our important one to go away leaving us. We could not believe that this happening too fast, as well for me I did not get any sign for that. Everything that I wanted to show to my dad had been fulfilled, ‘I finished my bachelor and soon got a job’. At first everything was only for dad to hear to make him proud. But, after he heard everything from me, he left me. “Did he wait for me?” was my thought when I got a phone call from mom saying he left us.

I bravely wrote this to make myself feels better. Allah had planned everything, I believe Allah knows what best for us, the thing is I need to strive for the best to let me getting closer to Allah. He is the one and the only one.

Papa, hanya satu orang kayak papa, dunia kehilangan satu orang hebat yang punya semangat seperti papa. Selamat jalan dan bimbing kami dari surga.

Wassalamuaikum Wr.Wb.


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