Final Year of Bachelor


A very dramatic life story I say for the past one year, so many things happened. I would say those times are my most unforgettable moments I had until now. Those starting May 2012 until April 2013, was my final year bachelor where I striving for my internship, final project and exam, graduation, job, lastly my role as vice president in one of international organization in Binus University.

Does it sound a perfect year? Because once it’s over, it feels like we went through a super heavy part of our college year and feels like we catch a big shark. Yes, I did.

Well, I was doing my internship in Unilever Indonesia as Supply Chain intern from July 2012 until September 2012. To get this kind of opportunity was not that easy, I submitted the proposal to several other companies before but no responds until I bravely  sent one to Unilever Indonesia with doubts, after several meetings, I got accepted.

Unilever Intern

This internship was a starting point of my final project as bachelor, from this internship I wrote and developed the topic based on what I had studied and had accomplished in Unilever. All thanks to Allah who hears all the prayers, also family and friends. I got not only deep understanding about the business process from inbound to outbound process of Unilever, also got a chance to experience how career in here can build people and how they can be royal toward the company. Anyways, I worked several days in main office in Jakarta and other days went to factory in Cikarang.

Talking about my final project, I started doing it in September 2012 and submitted the softcopy on early February 2013. It was not going smooth because at the same time I also focusing on other thing, which finally I realized that ‘in order to get outstanding result, you need to give 100% focus on what you are on, one by one’. While me focused on both because I had this confidence. So, I took several weeks as my break as vice president and focus more on this project until it’s submitted. Then, I waited for almost two months to finally go for my final exam, it was long? Yes it was really long till it’s almost forgotten while I was actively looking for a job.

Done final project

In the same week with my final exam, March 26, I had my third interview in Accenture. I had my first on Wednesday a week before while second was on Friday, and third interview a day after my exam. Everything was wonderful and once more Allah gives me blessings, I got an A on my exam Alhamdulillah. A week later, I was informed that I got employed to Accenture, which I had dreamed for my future career ever since in semester 5.

Meanwhile, as vice president in one of organization in Binus University term July 2012 until June 2013, I went through a lot and learned many things. I have several responsibilities, first to this organization which developing my members and achieving what we had planned, second to myself that I had to graduate on time in 3,5 years, and to my parents for them to be proudly happy having a capable daughter.

But, behind all these happy times, Allah had planned everything in my life that no one knows. I will tell in my next writing.  🙂

Walaikum Salam Wr Wb.


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