Reviewing Ika Natassa’s books

There are 5 books in total but I only have read 3 of them. Generally speaking a writer has own characteristic to grab readers’ attention right? and she did, well I know all the writers do, but she is my favourite if talking about love stories. Although many writers successfully write a great love story, I feel like it’s really a real experience story and I easily understand the feeling and the emotion of the character inside the books, and realize I will have the same emotion when I am in that place *hahahah*.

Starting with a title ”a very yuppy wedding”, her first book was published when I was in high school grade X, from the title we know it’s about wedding and it sounds really a mature novel. But, yes it is about wedding but the story line is about how a couple facing many problems towards their relationship until their wedding. She, Ika Natassa, tells the story with openness like what human actually thinks and reacts of the situation. Well love story supposes to be a melodrama one, but I love her style of writing, so not-melodrama. It makes me read many times already.

Second book is Divortiare, I read it when I was freshmen in university. Almost the same, I still love her for being so open in relationship and a real experience like human usually does. It tells about a couple is being so immature about their wedding and finally divorce, so basically the story is about their relationship after the divorce and how they react, regret, and still love each other but emotionally they are having high prides to assume that they still need each other.Well, sounds so mature right? but when you start reading it you will love the story :).

The last book I read is twivortiare, this is the fifth book. I jump the 3rd and the 4th book because my brother promised me to buy me those (he is busy with his work so those books are still not in my hand). From the cover you will fall because of the love quotes ( my friend does). And from the title I didn’t take any attention that actually she tells the story via twitter until I finally read the first page of the book that she managed to open twitter account for the characters in her second book ‘divortiare’, and through this account she (as the main character of the second book) tweets on her everyday life and not so private thoughts and launched this book with those tweets and direct messages ! So, how creative is that bro? who will think to tell love story by taking from twitter account which talking about her private life? well she does.

Twivortiare tells about how a couple in second book finally get together again with their second marriage. Although the story is only about a couple’s life, how they maintain their relationship with their own private life, well the book does not have a significant ending story, only that. But I love the quotes that Ika Natassa created in this novel, that’s so true and real :).

Now, I try to manage reading the 3rd (underground) and 4th (antologi rasa) book between this hectic schedule !

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