I am not sure to talk about changes here but truly I need to speak it up. What can you say when you see your old friends have changed ? when they changed into a bad way what can you do? and how if they change into a really best shape, will you envy? Here is the thing I need to clarify about being a human.

You supposely say “you changed alot so far darl !”, in a good way but honestly you envy him/her, is not it?. I am saying this because there are several friends of mine really changed the way they want to be. But honestly as a human I can not neglect that I also want to be like them. Then, when my ego goes off and realize that everyone has own path of life makes me wondering what kind of changes that I made through the whole time when I look into those friends? I started to write down ‘the old me’ and ‘the present me’ and find any differences.

The thing is, when I could not find any difference then I need to re-think what is the meaning of this life when I’m just staying without moving while people change progressively? I agree with the saying “you are competing your life with your time”, means that time is our measurement of changing life,so be careful because time can easily win your life over ! I hate people saying “I regret to not taking those opportunity when I was young”. Hope it’s not happening to me :).

Believe me try this out to find how far you have changed and you will find how to make yourself changes progressively.

Then, you supposely saying “Oh my God, how are you ?” but honestly you really wanted to say bad things about her/his changes. That’s human anyway, say nicely and hide the bads ! I am trying to fix my self to not thinking a bad things of my friends when they changed into several bad things, because the more I see her/him the more I can not stand stay by her/his side. SHUT THIS THINKING UP. I know I know I should not think like this which makes me off, puzzly I let them be theirselves and try to make up some criticize that will not make them effended.

The thing is, while I am crazy thinking about my friends going bad. I have to reflect myself as human who also can change into bad. Learning from this point I honestly make something like balance sheet (is not accounting journal anyway) which I can record myself for 6-monthly, this balance sheet records myself changes which I divide into 2 colomn, right for ‘Good Changes’ and left for ‘Bad Changes’, for the last six months. At the bottom of  this balance sheet, I write what kind of changes that I want to have for another six months ahead.

This is truly challenging to know ourself more, not only judges people ! So Human.

Thank you.


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