Sparkling Daejeon : Hanbat Arboretum

November 21, 2010 on cold Sunday, some of Indonesian friends and I did not have things to do this day. And, I came up with idea to experience our Daejeoon, we went to other cities but we have not taken a trip in the city where we lived in. Then without planning anything, we had breakfast took our jackets also cameras and the map we had, then we left for Hanbat Arboretum, 111 Dusandaero, Seo-gu.

That day was late of autumn and the scenery was awesome, the trees re brown no every plant almost all in brown. Then, with this condition we played around Daejeon city, we took subway, then walked, no actually I preferred to walk because the weather was chilly and the air was refreshing. I wished I had bicycle that time hahaha. Soon we arrived, we walked more than 500 meters from the the National Government Complex Station ‘the station where we stopped from Daedong Station’.  Generally, every season is different, so Hanbat Arboretum has 4 different looks along the year, because it was autumn so the scenery was like this picture below :

Late Autumn Scenery

rest after  a long walk

more than 1 km walking, I guess ?

In Daejeon there is a bridge called MCDonald Bridge, because its shape is like M. From the back area of Hanbat Arboretum we could easily see that bridge because it’s connected each other, on this kind of weather there re many people riding bicycle around.

MCDonald Bridge

MCDonald Bridge


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