Amazed by the technique of knitting

“Creativity is another word to explain intelligence”

I saw a friend was knitting something, and I ask her to teach me how to knit. Soon, I found out many videos on youtube that explain clearly step by step about knitting. It does not look simple, it’s actually difficult but when you find something is interesting you finally could say it’s easy :D, that’s how I feel, but still I need to watch the video while making one haha.

Just by looking the yarn I was amazed that there re so many types of them, color combination, thick – thin, single color, etc. Yet, the material is not kidding, they are expensive tho, that’s why knitted products are expensive due to the price of material, how difficult it is to make and how long it takes to make.

After I bought several material, I made my HDD external pouch with pale purple yarn, stilll lack of skill, yet this is the picture of my first try :

HDD External Pouch

HDD External Pouch

Right after I finished this one I had another idea to make a pouch for my ipod nano, yeap I tried different pattern and different technique and I produce this one :

Ipod nano pouch

Ipod nano pouch


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