So much to learn !

Welkom ! Welkom !

Here it is, I involved in a project about HIV/AIDS collaborating AIESEC (UI and BINUS) and Unilever. It started on Feb 13 and finished on March 19 (5 weeks). Unexpectedly because some reasons, the preparation was almost 6 months, that’s long and hard to coordinate actually but well, thanks to all the organizing committees and people who got involved did the best to run this project : IndonesiaBisa STOP HIV/AIDS Project.

Overall, the project was great, well prepared, hectic, tired, well delivered, impactful, influenced, meaningful,  concluded : awesome !

There are eight External Participants who are coming from Netherlands, China, Philippine, Brazil, Japan, and Pakistan. So, it’s new friends new network new knowledge and new experience. Externally, in this project we tried to spread news about HIV/AIDS and build awareness in society especially to young people because according to the information from NGO, the most people get infected by HIV is at the age range 15 – 19. It is so crucial if the young people don’t have awareness about this knowledge and don’t even have healthy life, that’s the aim of this project. Our activities were to approach several high school, did the presentation about the basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS, and also taught the high schoolers to make a project about it that could spread the information and awareness to other friends in the school. Some schools made videos and post it on facebook or in youtube, there is also a school made a talk show, another made magazine wall and so on.

Interestingly, we picked the best project among those schools to be a first winner, second winner and lastly third winner. We prepared prizes for the winners while EPs prepared small gifts which would be given to each student. We had Global Village Day, generally it is a event where each country presents their cultures, they re given a booth for each to put their country’s foods, handicraft, or anything they want to show. And this time, our global village was also the winner announcement day. The next day we had Fund Raising on Car Free Day at Bundaran HI, it was so fun and gosh we raised much money which later would be delivered to HIV.AIDS NGO, we were selling flowers and mineral water, spreading ribbon, booklets which designed by the EPs and booklets from the sponsor. Finally the project was officially closed  on 19 of March after five weeks and after EP had gone to Tidung Island for relaxing and we had gone to Green Canyon Pangandaran (EPs, Organizing Committees and other AIESECers) for our day out.

Green Canyon trip was amazing although we spent about 20 hours in the bus, it’s tiring but when we saw and swam in the green canyon our spirit had came back and enjoyed the green and nature. Well, on the closing day , every country prepared their own food, no exception for Indonesia. Every EP gave short speech about what do they feel about running this project, and I just love them :). We watched the project’s video and farewell video. Then, that’s how our farewell done because the next day EPs would be going to Bali and directly going back home to their countries.

Well,  I got to learn so many things like really deeper understanding about their cultures, I believe I can meet them again someday so that this network will not end just until when we parted, I feel I gained more knowledge from them. Overally I am thankful that I could get involved in this project, that was wonderful memory that will not be forgotten.

Let’s have another challenge !


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