Fail is just a word !

Refer to what I felt recently, I was down about everything I have.  If there is a sentence about ”Don’t let failure gets you down”, it is actually hurting me to think about that, and also that time being was really hard to accept that what I really strived to achieve finally failed. I was so sad and tired of thinking about what I had done which made me in this kind of frustration because of that failure things. I keep trying to say ‘I am strong woman’ but still the way I feel about that made me about to cry, hhmm no, made me crying just without any reason.

Those time was awful that I just want to run from this life, but I finally came to think that God knows the best, just keep trying and keep praying.  So many things happened and God shows what the fact is, ‘there are another plan prepared beyond those plans which failed’. My believe came back, believe I will have another chance and belive there are lots of opportunities waiting.

I remember I have dreams to be achieved and I strive for that so good luck !


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