Fabulous week ends 2011. (Part 2)

Our second day trip started with breakfast ‘Nasi Campur’ – ‘Mixed Rice’ near Edward’s house, he said this meal is one of the must – eaten – meal in Surabaya.

We finally went to Citraland, CitraLand Surabaya is also known as “The Singapore of Surabaya”, there is also a Merlion, which symbolizes it as a Singapore, inside the 2,000 beautifully landscaped hectares located in West Surabaya, Surabaya currently is the second largest city in Indonesia and West Surabaya currently is the most developed state comparing to the south, north and east of Surabaya.

As I read on http://www.ciputra.com, ‘Citraland Surabaya is designed to be a self-contained city, offering a perfect combination of style and excellence. This first-class living environment is equipped with business, entertainment, sports and shopping facilities, including a commercial district, shopping area, water park, and 27-hole golf course that meets international standards’.

‘A self-contained city with a “clean, green and modern” theme, it is more than just physical development that transformed Citraland into a Singapore-like city. Solid city management played a substantial role in supporting Citraland’s development. In acknowledgement of its ongoing improvement and stellar city management, Citraland received the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 City Management.’

I was mesmerized by CitraLand, and I believe Rissa and Sangjin felt the same way too. So we stopped by at some  beautiful view spots to take some memorable pictures. Actually the beauty comes from the green view, as I wrote above that CitraLand was developed with green theme which makes CitraLand becomes a good environtment for living, but I am sure the houses and the land are expensive guys. 😀

Did I tell you that inside Citraland there is Waterpark? yes, there is Waterpark, and right in front of that, Universitas Ciputra (UC) was built, University where Septian Edbert and Edward are studying, right beside UC there are UCWalk and apartment.

Edbert (call him as Ebet) finally joined us on second day, our Food Culinary was starting from this point :D. We had lunch at ‘Mang Engking’, a sundanese-like restaurant with green park and lake view, because it is surrounded by trees the wind that blows make a cool atmosphere in a very hot day.

Satisfied with our lunch, we directly went to Grand City, one of big malls in Surabaya located in the center of the city. There, we met with other SolBridge Exchange Students batch spring after us, they also had their own reunion in Bali, but they visited Surabaya first because most of them originally are from Surabaya. Anyway, back to our story, Ebet and Edu (a.k.a Edward) wanted to play thus we headed to Kids Station, they bought some coins and started to dance on the DDR floor, the game’s name was ‘Pump it Up’. hhhmm, they are eventually great in dancing haha, I mean better than us as women (me, Feli and Rissa) who can not dance at all.

After that, we went to Nore Bang for one hour, surprisingly, our Korean friend, Sangjin was really good at singing  Indonesian-dangdut and Indian songs.

Actually Ebet kept saying about Lontong Kupang and asking whether we wanted to try it or not,  but we were really full at that time felt like we would not eating anymore.  After singing finally I felt hungry and curious about Lontong Kupang, we went up to food court and ordered Lontong Kupang and Sate Kerang at ‘Dapur Mbok’. Originally those food are culinary surabaya foods which must be tried by local even international tourists.

As I know, Lontong Kupang is only provided in Surabaya (East Java), I’ve never heard about it before while in Jakarta. Kupang is kind of clam or shell, at first I tried Lontong Kupang was half sugarly half salty that’s why I did not really like it, but Ebet and Edu like it alot (Edu even ordered two plates). I prefer Sate Kerang (Kerang  = shell ), this was also my first time tried Sate Kerang, and I think it is much much much more delicious than any other kinds of Sate. :p.

Not enough until that, Ebet brought Gei Dan Jai (read : kai tan cai) to us. Gei Dan Jai is local street snacks from Hongkong check this snacks on http://www.geidanjai.com/flashversion.html, so unfortunate that Gei Dan Ji has no store in Jakarta yet. GDJ shape is like bumpy eggs-like balls, the taste is according to the flavors, there are cheese, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and many others, it’s so yummy and chewy. Oh no ! I am missing it now already, wanna try it again !

Next is Cincau, Ebet recommended us to try Cincau Hijau at ‘Cincau Station’ on the same floor with ‘Dapur Mbok’. Once again, this Cincau Station is only in Surabaya, T_T. There are several flavors, Cincau Syrup (Sangjin’s favourite), Cincau Santan, Cincau Soya, and others. Those what I tried were worth, so if you come to Surabaya make sure that you try those !

Our biggest plan for today was actually cooking, Sangjin’s Curry and Birani rice. After having lunch at Mang Engking we went shopping at Hokky Supermarket to buy the ingredient for curry and birani, that time was before we went to Grand city. We arrived at Edu’s house at 7.30 pm and soon Sangjin started to cook, Ebet and I helped him. This was our second time ate Sangjin’s curry, the first time was when we were in Korea at Mr.Ony’s place. Miss it !.

After more than an hour, finally we had our dinner, the curry was alright and the taste was really wonderful, but the birani rice was opposite because the rice was uncooked (there was problem with the rice cooker). Well, the important was we were eating together, together is better than being alone, also we had jokes and laugh so whatever we had for eating would not disturb our togetherness yet it would be very memorable moment. Thank You Sangjin for Dinner you have made !

What would our third day be?


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