Fabulous week ends 2011. (Part 1)

We had been planning to get together after our memorable times in Korea, “SolBridgers Fall 2010”.But, as we understood that our schedule didn’t match each other. But we made a quick plan and soon bought our ticket to Surabaya (old times : Soe-roe-bo-yo), a city where Edbert, Edward and Septian are living.

Holiday was only 10 days that’s why I needed to finish my own things before going anywhere,  on Dec 27 at 07.40 with Citilink Airline we flew to Surabaya. Question, why did it delay about 30 minutes when we were sitting already in cabin? Answer : there was a document left inside the waiting room so the passenger asked the permission to take it before taking off.

One and half hours later, finally we arrived at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. Got surprise because our baggages went out from Business class line, and got bad news from Edward, the one who should be picking us up, yesterday he expected that the time would be perfect , leaving Jember around 3 and arrive Surabaya 4 hours later, the plan was perfect but there re always unexpected things happened ! After a half journey he was trapped of traffic jam, which made him looked for another alternative way, decided to take longer trip through south beach “Pantai Selatan”. Same situation with Edbert, planned to go to Surabaya on the same day at 5 am, but because of the news from radio saying that unexpected heavy traffic jam was happening which he was listening to that morning, had no choice other than cancelled the trip and leaving for Surabaya the day after.

‘Lost in Airtport’ ? no, we didn’t get lost, we followed Edward’s guide to go to his house by taxi. Taxi driver was funny, he was talk-active joking, well at least our nervousness went down. Finally arrived at Edward’s house, we waited 30 minutes outside because no one responsed from inside when we were pressing the bell. the garage was open and there was Sunny, Edward’s dog, watching us. The fact, we were pressing the wrong bell, the real bell was actually inside.

Hunger, hunger, while Edward was still on the way, we decided to eat wherever the nearest place, we ate at Bu Rudy, one of a famous resto in Surabaya with its menu ‘Nasi Udang’ – ‘Shrimp Rice’. That day was really hot, hotter and sunnier than Jakarta, even I could not stand standing outside while waiting for taxi to go Ciputra World, one of Department Stores in Surabaya. Department stores are actually just same with Jakarta, but as we observed, there were some stores that re only in Surabaya, not available in Jakarta (How can it be possible?). Still, we didn’t have anything to do so we were wasting our time shopping inside Ciputra World. As we walked, entered from one store to another one, Rissa almost spent one million rupiah on clothes and body shop while me spent 1/3 of Rissa’s. Anyway, Rissa yelled at herself making promise that she will not shop for the next 6 months on clothes. Let see then !

Hours by hours finally our legs got tired but Edward had not arrived yet, fiuh. We bought a hot chocolate at The Coffee Bean, and sitting at relax while waiting for Edward coming to pick us up, yeay ! After about 11 hours driving like crazy, Edward finnaly showed up, met us. Thus, we needed to go to airport again ,we picked Sangjin up, a Korean friend who is currently doing student exchange in UGM – Jogjakarta, was also coming to our reunion in Surabaya. Soon we had dinner  Soto, Bakso and Kebab near Edward’s house, finished our eating we talked about what were we going to do the next day.

Sadly saying, Septian, Tarry and Adi were not coming along with us in this reunion. They had something uncancellable business to work on.

This was the first day in Surabaya. I am unable to write everything on same post right now because of having another work to do. But believe me, the days after will be so much fun and memorable, wait for that !

Love, Elly.


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