A blessed year , Welcome 2012 !

Happy New Year !

Gladly saying that last year, 2011, is one of my sophisticated year in my life. Having another way of thinking or I can say I nearly realize that I became more mature because of age 20. Having another thought about friendship,  family and also love. That year is about to give me a big touch,

Friendship is not about you like the one and become friends, and you don’t like the one and you don’t wanna be friends. Friendship is about helping, understand, and respect each other. That came to mind and finally I got many friends, enemies turned to friends and friends turned to closer friends.

Family, this brother-sister relationship is more like friendship, my brothers are my soulmate. This is also because of my turning age into 20 that I feel brothers are the best men I have beside my Father in the world.

Love, sometimes I feel this kinda thing would never come to my mind seriously. But, the edge of my brain finally succeeded to bring up some matters about love. At least I know this heart will be pointing at someone. Ah, sweet !

WELCOME 2012. This year will be another year to chase our dreams !


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