Visiting Busan ! (part 2)

Hello again Busan !

After eating at Jagalchi Fish Market, we moved to Seomyeon area, we entered Seomyeon First Street then Seomyeon Daehyeon Underground Shopping Center and I met my friend ;).

Meeting friend at the underground shopping market !

With map I brought, we found a way to Busan Tower from here, It was perfect because we arrived at night so we can see the whole Busan city with colorful light from the top of the tower. We paid 7000 won (around Rp 56.000) each person and went up using elevator. Right, and guess what I found? I found Monas picture hanged on the wall inside the tower, there were lots of tower pictures from other countries also.

Busan Tower at night, awesome right?

Busan City from top of the tower

Monas in Busan Tower

After a full day trip today, we were not satisfied if we did not go to the beach, we felt exhausted but really refreshing. Going to the beach at night? we walked to the nearer beach, Gwangalli beach, on the way there we bought 2 packs of chicken for our dinner at one of the chicken shop, then we entered Family Store for buying instant rice and chopsticks. Fortunately, we had a plastic carpet which my friend got as a prize from random quiz in Seomyeon shopping center before, so we used it for having dinner on the beach, seemed like family picnic huh? the scenery was awesome exactly ! What makes Gwangalli beach beautiful at night is, a Gangan Bridge in front of this beach which links Nam-gu and Haeundae-gu with full of light, so imagine how shining this city would be at night !

the Gangan Bridge means Diamond

Yey after having dinner, time to take pictures 😉

It’s late already, about 11 pm and we need to rest before another walk for tomorrow. This day was completely fun despite our body were really tired. Relieved, our stay was not far from this beach which was 20 minutes walking ;).

The day after we went to Haeundae Beach to meet Mr.Ony’s friend, I did not take many pictures here because it was really hot morning till noon but I found something interesting, there was a quite big screen beside Busan Aquarium, when I came nearer to that thing and looked it enthusiastically, a Korean couple talked to me in English and told me about that thing, so it is kind of touchscreen which shows map around that area and allows us to take picture and also edit it and then it can send the picture through our email, interesting isn’t it? I tried and the result :

picture with Korean students. I guess the name of this thing is U TOURPIA GUESSBOOK. There was also a picture in front of Busan Tower :

Yey Dynamic Busan !

finally time for going back to Daejeon, our KTX schedule was at 13.00, so we had lunch first and soon went to Busan train station.

Good Bye Busan ! Will come again later on, InsyaAllah.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Busan ! (part 2)

  1. » says:

    Ketemu Super Junior ga nih di sana hihihi :hammer:

  2. hihi, ga ketemu super junior, soalnya ga suka nonton konser 😉

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