Visiting Busan ! (part 1)

Hello Autumn !,

So, next schedule is going to Busan in two days and one night. We found a guest house named ‘Indy House’ – you can search on Mr.Google. Well, we booked the room via internet, the guest house was surprisingly friendly and comfortable, it actually a small apartment with some rooms and they offer 3 kinds of room which are single, double and dorm-room. They provide computer and internet, serve meals by ourselves in the kitchen, the most important was we could meet another group of foreign people who were currently traveling in Busan also staying in this house for few days. Ah ya, Indy House was located near Kyungsung University & Pukyong university in Busan, and fortunately I could meet my friends who is studying in this university. NICE !

Inside the Indy House

November 13, 2010 with KTX – 07.20 am tickets on our hands, we tried to wake up early in the morning and soon went to Daejeon Yeok. We arrived in Busan Yeok after two hours trip, we went to Indy House put our things and started our journey in Busan by having breakfast in McDonalds near that house.

First, we went to Taejongdae area, took Taejongdae Excursion Ship Marina through Pebble Beach which has big rocks around then through Taejongdae Observatory and finally stopped by at Sinseon Rocks then we walked up till Yeongdo Marine Cultural Space, by seeing the blue sea with strong wave I missed Indonesia at that time and started thinking that Indonesia has more than this :D. Anyway, as long as we walked we took pictures as well.

this was on our way through Pebble Beach, on the ship !

birds flying over the big rocks !!

stopped by at Sinseon Rocks near Yeongdo Marine Cultural Space

walking through the rocks to the marine cultural space area

Still taking picture, how long should we walk again to reach Marine Cultural Space? looking from the map that I brought, it seemed quite near to reach but it was not a big problem because as long as we walked we found many good places for taking pictures and the scenery was really awesome guys. I brought my autumn jacket because it was in autumn but it was not cold at all in Busan and I regretted to bring it.

family recreation on the Sinseon Rocks. WOW !!!

Finally arrived ! Behind us is Yeongdo Marine Cultural Space. Fiuh.

where to go ? 전시갤러리 가자…!!

So, these are some of the statues at the exhibition gallery, we did not stay long in here because we were so hungry and planned to eat seafood at Jagalchi market. We took super mini bus (not really bus actually, it was mini train like in the amusement park) to the entrance of Taejongdae Reservoir until we found public parking lot ( Taejongdae Reservoir is surrounded by Taejongdae Pebble Beach, Taejongdae Observatory, and Yeongdo marine Cultural Space ) and then we took bus to Nampo-dong, Gwang-bok area, which Jagalchi Market is located.

we ate many kinds of seafood, and once again I missed Indonesia at that time when I could eat those everyday in Indonesia with cheap price, but in here those re expensive and we re not full at all.


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