Going to Lotte World : Largest Theme Park

One of our weekend in Autumn Season was filled by playing in Lotte World. I remember it was a year ago, November 6, 2010. Although it’s school trip, we needed to pay 20.000 won (Rp 160.000), it was quite cheap because it’s included transportation from Daejeon to Seoul and the fee to enter Lotte World and play all the games.

Lotte World is the world’s largest indoor theme park, and one of Seoul’s main theme park and its attracts about 8 million visitors annually. The park is divided into an indoor and outdoor linked by a monorail. The indoor includes the ‘Adventure Land’ with acres of streets representing different countries and are filled with hundreds of activities, entertainments, shops, restaurants and ongoing parades. There is also an ice-rink and a fascinating Folk Museum complete with miniature villages.

Lotte World is like a small city with an amusement park, folk museum, sports center, skating rink, water slide park, shopping center and the hotel. Lotte Department Store is one of Korea’s leading department store. The shopping center with dozens of small specialty shops surrounds a large, open central area that has a large food court. Lotte World is one of favourite Theme park Tourist destination besides Everland and Waterpia.

An indoor theme park connected with Lotte Hotel and Lotte Department Store, Lotte World is the Korean recreation center most frequently visited by foreigners. Lotte World consists of the indoor amusement park “Adventure” and an outdoor one as well, dubbed “Magic Island.” The outdoor Magic Island has numerous, thrill-packed attractions. Even the castle itself is an awesome background for photographs. At the indoor facility, “Adventure,” actually there are World Carnival Parade and Cosmos Circus Laser which are particularly eye-catching said my Korean friends, But I did not have a chance to see both of the Parades.

The outdoor Magic Island with its fairy-tale looking castle, offers visitors thrilling high-altitude rides, laser shows and pleasant walking trails around a lake.


Remember Korean Drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Lotter World is the setting place for that drama.


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