Autumn Comes

Wow, has been long time almost 2 months I didn’t write about Korea-Experience. So, this is the next story when the season changed from summer to autumn… EXCITING !!!

You know, as almost everybody says the best season in Korea is Autumn, I started to think that I was lucky going exchange in that season. Imagine, the leaves changes color, but some remain green. This is the beauty, today maybe we can see the leaves are green, next few days it changes to red or orange, and few days later it changes to yellow, and the next week after when the heavy-cold wind comes, the leaves finally fall down and become brown. Then people are busy cleaning the road from the dead leaves which scattered around.

Well, although it’s not winter you will feel the coldness entering your bones. It’s true since this season has really heavy wind and low degree. Sometimes it’s 10 degree, or even until 0 degrees. Fortunately in the room we have heater, so we will not feel cold in the room. You know, we don’t need fridge for putting our milk, juice, yogurt, and vegetables because we have nature-fridge which is outside our window so they remain fresh :D. but of course there is an exception, we can’t put fast-food  and ready-food like soup, rice, cooked-meals because they will be frozen and not delicious to eat anymore.

The coat I have there should be thick enough to prevent wind touches my skin and coldness enters my body. It’s torturing when I walked alone on the way to dorm at night and suddenly the wind comes from no where, makes my step to stop then I tried to jump to make some heat for my body. Actually movement makes heat in our body, is it ?.

Now that I’m in Indonesia I really really miss this coldness and Korea <3.


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