Happy Graduation !

This time on Graduation day of my oldest brother takes me to the time when he first came to Jakarta to enter university of Indonesia, and reminds me about how he has survived from that time until now. He graduated in July but the Graduation Ceremony was in September and between that short time, he got a job and I can see the bright face on his.

first, I love to say CONGRATULATION after 4 years studying in UI, after all the experience you got, after all the dilemma you had, after all the problems came to you, and for our Allah who opens all the gates for your success. Alhamdulillah.

the story about you that makes me wants to cry. One day when I was at home with dad and were talking about your graduation and thesis, he was suddenly dropping his tears with full of satisfying and gratefulness. He mentioned to me :

“Elly, I remember how he smiled when he saw the announcement that he got accepted to UI, and how he confused and sad when he told me that amount we needed to pay. At that time, you were in Jakarta already, and because we didn’t have that amount so I angrily said to Adi about leaving UI and choose another university in Smd, I could see how hard it was for him, and I for the first time dropped my tears for how I couldn’t provide the best for my oldest son. BUT ALLAH is always beside us, the next day one of bank loaned us money with *with unexpected feeling because it is not easy to loan money from bank, need some time, but that time in one day everything got faster*. Finally with the spirit I told Adi to step forward to UI”

“This time also, when Adi phoned me the day he passed the final exam, I cried and felt guilty at that time I bravely said to set back. He is finally success with his ambition and dreams, Alhamdulillah. Let the story tells us about life”

I know how it feels about dad, i have never seen him crying wherever, whenever and in any condition, never !!! my dad is ambitious one, lovely, and has incredible spirit ever. Well, with his spirit also dad can reach his dream become a Professor, so grateful about this. Love you forever dad.

last but not the least. Good Luck for you bro !


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