Hiking at Gyerongsan National Park

What a wonderful day ! hope today will be enjoyable as we dream and imagine. Happy reading ^_^  !

At first I wanna tell ya, what was I thinking when I was hiking this mountain? well, yeah I realized Indonesia has more mountains and better mountains. But, they have more interesting mountain, the people are smart using it for hiking to see the invisible scenery inside the mountains or behind the mountains, even on the really top of mountains. Of course the mountains are high, but their government facilitate them place and road to walk and hike the mountains. And what can we see? the mountain stays as it should be with their real nature, but they design to make people enjoy the mountains without feeling any danger, well imagine what comes first when we talk about mountain : dangerous and animals 😦 .

arriving at Gyerongsan

Above all those, we can conclude it’s about culture. Their people love to hike the mountain as sport or just for family gathering, or for taking pictures, or maybe just for see the temples. It’s the problem, their government see their people’s habit, so they do facilitate this kind of mountains for hiking. Sometimes, I am being so jealous I don’t have this in my country while we have many mountains, but mountains are dangerous here.

Well, back to topic. As this was my first time hiking in Korea I was little bit nervous what could I see there, and how high the mountain would be. That was on Saturday September 25th, 2011, 15 days after my 19-birthday and Eid Mubarak. “Don’t forget to bring the camera with you because we will see really beautiful nature”, I remember this words that made me so curious about what would I see while hiking. We took public bus to get there because it’s so convenient and cheap. On the way there, there were also ahjumma (aunt in korean) and ahjoshi (uncle in Korean) in the same bus and ready to hike with hiking costumes and equipment, I was so surprise it’s something that I don’t usually see in Indonesia. Why many people were going for hiking today? well because this season, autumn, especially in the beginning of the season is the right time for hiking because it’s not too cold and not having heavy wind.

Taking Pictures in the middle of hiking

Of course what we could find in the middle of mountain, trees and waterfall. I enjoyed walking through the stones and found people were washing their feet and hands with the water falling from the top of mountains through the stones. But you gotta be careful to step, on our way down my friend fell down because the stones that we step on were so slippery. And his camera also fell down unfortunately the LCD was broken. So be Careful 😉

Stones, Waterfall, Trees, The road of hiking

Well, actually Gyeryongsan National Park stretches across Daejeon, Gwangju, and Nonsan. This spectacular mountain is 845.1m above sea level. The topographical features are what make this mountain stand out and its mysterious folklore is what makes it so interesting. Geographically there are 15 summits on this mountain, of which Cheonhwangbong (845.1m) is the main and others include the peaks of Sambulbong, Sinseongbong, and Gwanembong ( I don’t know which one). As I found the information this mountain is famous for its many interesting sites, with its fantastic rock structures, on the west side the Yongmun Waterfall, to the east Euseon Waterfall, and to the south Amyongchu and Sutyongchu Waterfalls. But you gotta spend more than one day to explore every sites on this mountain. Because we were so tired we didn’t go to the top of mountain, maybe just half way to the top. But we found one of those waterfalls.

In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom on Donghaksa Mountain trail, and during the summer the lush green of the Donghaksa Valley is very beautiful. During the fall, the maple trees reveal their crimson colored leaves around Gapsa and Yongmun Waterfalls. And the snowcapped peaks of Sambulbong in the winter are simply breathtaking. And I regret why didn’t I go again in winter to see the snowcapped peak.

The Temple with The People

Gyeryongsan is full of rich history with mysterious legends and cultural treasures. To the east is Donghaksa; northwest, Gapsa; southwest, Sinwonsa; and southeast, Yonghwasa. Its valleys are full of ponds and falls that blend together perfectly with the surroundings.

The temple

Before went back, we were so hungry so we stopped by at restaurant which served  Korean ‘Martabak’ and ate Korean food Tak To Ri tang. 😀


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