First Time Going to Seoul ( 2 )

Hi again !

Satisfied looked around Gyeongbokgung Palace, we continued to walk to Seoul Tower, but our stomaches were singing, and shouting wanted to eat. hehehe, so we walked through Insadong and finally we found Korean Restaurant. Insadong is one of famous market where we can buy Korean souvenirs, Korean Ginseng, and still many interesting things. And also a lot of Tea and Wine stores there, you would not walk straight before you stop by at the restaurant, you would feel so unlucky if you don’t try the food.

After we ate our lunch, we directly took our way to Seoul Tower. We took taxi and Seoul Tower’s bus, finally we arrived here, instead of going up to the tower, I preferred going inside the Teddy Bear Museum. Seoul Tower more beautiful in the night than in the noon, when night you can see the light of this metropolitan city, like if you see Jakarta is beautiful from above, this is much more beautiful.

on the way to Seoul Tower

this is on our way to Tower

If you watch Korean drama, you must know “Princess Hour” or Goong series which was casted in 2004, were starring Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye. In this drama, one of the shooting location is in Teddy Bear Museum. But this location is not the museum that I visited, it’s in Jeju island. Yeah, there are 2 Teddy Bear museums in Korea, in Jeju-do is bigger. But, this teddy bear museum inside the Seoul Tower we also can see Teddy Bears wearing the princess hours costumes as big as human. You can imagine how cute it is. Haha, I also found Mr. Bean’s Teddy Bear.

Mr. Bean's teddy bear

remember in Princess Hour, Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye were in this costumes?

JJH and YEH costumes

Hey not only big bears there, you also can find mini teddy bears, this museum is designed perfectly, mostly they make up story for these bears and put them into glasses. So, what can we see here is not only cute teddy bears but also, they present these bears to act as actor in stories about Korea (like Korean kingdom, Korean Traditional House, Korea Joseon Dynasty, etc) and you can imagine these bears are wearing hanbok with their size. haha so cute. That is the interesting one, they are selling Teddy Bear stuffs like bag, pencil case, key holder, postcard, etc. And I bought only the postcards ;).

mini teddy bears in action

mini teddy bears in action

This is not the end of our one day trip to Seoul, we still have namdengmun and myeongdong to go. Finished with the museum, we went down again to take bus. While waiting for bus we took some pics and enjoy the fresh air of Korea. (uh I miss it). Oh yeah forgot to tell ya, I found hand-drawing of Kim Tae hee (김 태 희) on the way down, You know her right? Kim Tae Hee is a Korean famous actress, starring in IRIS, Love Story in Harvard, My Princess, Stairway to Heaven and still more. she is my favorite actress so far 😉

with kim tae hee
Namdemun is like Insadong, but bigger crowded and cheaper I think. Fortunately, Mr. Ony took us directly to the place where he usually buy souvenirs cheaper, yeah it’s really cheap compare to other stores. Then, we went to ginseng tea store. Enough for Namdengmun, we went to Myeongdong (shopping district), but we didn’t have much time because it was 5.30 pm when we arrived, and we needed to gather one hour later because our KTX schedule was at 7.20 pm. It’s Okay because I would go to Seoul again later on. Yeah we finished our trip at this point. Interesting, isn’t it ? 😉



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