First Time Going to Seoul ( 1 )

Hi bloggers,

Yeah you know what I would like to write. After one month stayed in Daejeon, finally I got this chance going to Seoul. Imagine if you go to a place where not even single person know your language and you don’t know their language. You gotta find a way how to get a 70 km – away city, know where to go and what will you do while everything in Korean and you have never experienced public transportation in this country, well English is also provided actually. You will have to spend much energy and much much MONEY of course. ‘you might get lost somehow’

It didn’t happen to me though. Fortunately, there was a immersion week for Indonesian High School from Theresiana 1 High School Semarang. Actually going to Seoul was one of their schedule in the end of their immersion week after doing some stuff in classes. So, on Friday October 15th, 2010, we (Indonesian Students and Theresiana high schoolers) went to Seoul, departed at  6.30 am and arrived at 7.30.

First of all, we took our time visiting Gwanghamun Square, where the statue of King Sejong is located. In front of the statue there is a big round clock which shows how season in Korea (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) changes. This area is a crowded place which is surrounded by many building especially embassy buildings, and interestingly there is wide square fountain, well when it is in winter the fountain doesn’t work because it’s freezing, but fortunately we went in the beginning of Autumn ( Hot – Windy – Cold were mixed). Until now, I really miss being in this place so much.

in gwanghamun square

king sejong statueIn Front of King Sejong Statue

Anyway, I haven’t told ya about King Sejong, have I ? So, King Sejong The Great is the one who created the Korean Alphabet (Hangul) and there is also history why he is called ‘The Great’ that you can find it on Google. 😉

After taking pictures here, we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace which is not really far from the statue (exactly behind).  This palace is one of the house of king a long time ago, usually in this palace there is changing guard ceremony, if you are lucky and come on the right time you can see this ceremony.

Hey it s in Autumn, and I love how the leaves transform to red, yellow or remains green then finally fall down.

And our journey continue to Seoul Tower… (see next post)


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