Come Come Festival !

I realize korea holds many festivals through each year. Still in summer, well actually it was late summer I came to the Nankye Korean Traditional Music & Grape festival. This festival is held every year around August-September and from the its name we can say this festival is about representing the Traditional music of Korea and also showing how to make Korean Wine from Grape. Many citizen come to experience Wine-Making, and experience the Korean wine from the most expensive one to the cheapest one, everything was there.

It was the hottest day ever among my days in Korea, well it was late summer though. Me and friends went to the festival by school bus Yeongdong, where the Nangye Traditional Korean Music Festival is held, is the hometown of Park Yeon, one of Korea’s three top traditional music experts. Park Yeon created the theory of Korean traditional music during the Joseon dynasty and also produced various instruments such as the string instrument, percussion instrument, and wind instrument. In addition to his creations, he is also very famous for his outstanding musical performances. In order to praise Park Yeon’s achievements his other name, Nangye, has become the main symbol representing the traditional music festival.

The Nangye traditional music festival features traditional music in the form of exhibitions and experience events to better educate visitors. In addition, there are exhibitions of newly created instruments and a collection of various folk instruments from all over the world where people can experience first-hand by sampling them. There are also the dance performed by the traditional dancers and they show us some attraction with their instruments while dancing.

Besides, Nangye traditional music group personally teaches how to play the instruments. The production process of traditional handicrafts from the past can be seen and the visitors are able to learn how to make pottery and Korean paper with the experts throughout the whole festival. There are also programs of photo shooting with Nangye outfit and the making of totem poles which symbolize the appreciation for good harvest by cutting wood.

“Yeongdong is the Mecca of Korean traditional music, where the history and culture of Korean traditional music can be learned by visiting the Nangye Museum of Traditional Music, Nangye Tradition Musical Instrument Manufacturing Village, and other related places.”



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