Hanbok Day !

Hello, meet you again !

So, the Hanbok day was actually part or Workshop Week. This workshop week was also for welcoming all students in order to motivate and challenge us analytically, socially, and culturally. As the purpose, it’s for helping students foster soft-skills, study habits and proper mind attitude. Well saying !

Simply, it was much more fun than orientation though, we had Platinum Lectures, Experience Korean Culture, Social Activities, Workshop, Career Seminar, Cultural Events and even Survival Games. It sounds interesting yeah? Yes, indeed.

After one week in class, the workshop started first day on Monday September 6th, 2010. Seminar by CEO of S-Oil Mr. Ahmed A. Subaey on “A successful Global Leader in Making” was quite serious, well the contents were so good and at the end ofthe seminar, S-Oil opened job application right on that time.

Seminal From S-Oil

yeah here it came, “Understanding Korean Culture & Tradition” program. there was an ahjumma (aunt) was explaining about the history of some important people, also  we were wearing Hanbok, Traditional Cloth of Korea. I will talk about the history on the next article, here they brought many different color of Hanbok for women and men, and fortunately they permitted us to wear and take pictures.


SolBridge Workshop  Fall 2010

See, the Beauty of Hanbok : Pride of Korean people.

Traditional clothing and adornments, on the other hand, are called “hanbok”-an abbreviation of the term Han-guk pokshik (Korean attire). As South Korea says Hanbok, North Korea says as Choson-ot. Generally, Hanbok has really bright colors with the architecture design and made from silk and has no pocket. Although people say Hanbok is Traditional Cloth of Korea, actually it refers to ‘Joseon Dynasty Clothes Style’ that usually worn  for formal and semi-formal events, also traditional festivals, for example like Sol Nal (Solar New Year) and Chuseok.


SolBridge Workshop  Fall 2010

저는 한국이 버고싶어요! … ne zaman oraya bir daha gidebilirim? I hope that day will come 😉


5 thoughts on “Hanbok Day !

  1. Sanubar says:

    Wow Elly. Very good post. It makes me feel nostalgic.

  2. 김장군 says:

    한국에 도 가고싶오요…

  3. 김장군 says:

    괜차나요… ^.^

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