Orientation Days.

Before the school started, we had orientation. According to the schedule it was 3 days from August 25th – August 27th, 2010. This three-day orientation was an intensive initiation to the academic and campus life of SolBridge. Of course the purpose of the orientation is always about introducing the academic environment, faculty expectations, the student community and much more, well as SolBridge did.

Welcoming ceremony in orientation day

The first day was Wednesday, after few days short introduction to Daejeon after arrived on Sunday, it was the time to go to school. We signed up for the orientation and find our group-mates (we were divided into several groups) and each group had peer group leaders who would personally show and direct us to the program and every activities. We got welcoming ceremony from the President of Woosong University ( SolBridge is the International Department of Woosong University).

And soon we were assigned to register the courses for the fall semester, but because I had everything done before came to Korea so I didn’t pay much attention to it. And next we opened Bank Account and made our Alien Card and Smart Card. We would use the Bank Account for the dormitory payment, but for the freshmen they also pay for the courses. Alien Card is like KTP in Indonesia but for foreigners. Smart Card is like our Debit Card, we also can use it as transportation card. I didn’t know why those three things took over a month to be done. yeah the answer was they were busy !

The second day was Thursday (of course), after we had breakfast we went to School directly by school bus, actually it takes 10-115 minutes to school by this bus. Well, after some boring stuffs like course enrollment, presentation and some tests, finally we had Daejeon City Tour for 3 hours. The time was so limited, it s not enough to go to popular spots, but because the orientation was about introducing, so we just sat on the bus and our peer group leader guided also showed us what were the places that we went through, and I needed to remember because I wished to go there again after the orientation (of course) :D.  After we visited Downtown (Shopping Area) for few minutes, the bus was headed to the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, they who really interested in soccer were enthusiastic being inside. haha. Me? No.

And the last day we had culture program, no no we didn’t do such Korean folk dance or sang Arirang, or learned Korean music, but we had Pottery Making at Geumgang Art Center in Gongju, it was just one hour from our school to the place, and there was sonsengnim guided us how to make the pottery. wow, I made my master piece ! haha. After having enough basic knowledge how to make pottery, I think I can do it myself later, I hope I will not fail :p.

group picture at Geumgang Art Center

Yeah, we headed to FOREST MUSEUM. I don’t know why there weren’t many people visited this place that time, this’s really nature place, even I thought we could play golf there because the surface of the land was really green and like golf field. There were really beautiful scenery between the silent lakes, and quite big bridge far in front of the big gate (seemed like palace’s gate). I took picture on the bridge and behind me showed the dead fountain (or maybe it was unstructured rocks, don’t know exactly) on the edge of the lake, and when I looked again the picture, it shows like I took picture with painting behind me. lol.

Forest Museum

And until here, the orientation finished! Welcome to school, the classed started on Monday. 😉


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