I Got It, Love


Wow, seems I broke my promise about always update my articles. Sorry for that. Well the next chapter after the article below is the answer for my scholarship. I GOT IT, I MADE IT. It’s really wonderful, i couldn’t imagine what did I go through last 6  months, and also that’s why I couldn’t update this blog :D. Yeah I got that chance joining the Student Exchange program for six months to Korea in SolBridge International School of Business, Daejeon, South Korea.

After got nervous about the result, I was so excited to go. I arranged visa, tickets and everything went smooth, Thanks Allah finally I got it. I went through so many things until I can’t say in words and I am afraid that I might forget those wonderful memories in Korea, I am going to open my mind and try to write on this blog, one by one,  step by step and slowly so I don’t miss anything. ROCK !

Being there is such a memorable experience, I remember when I dreamed about being in Korea, it was when I entered University and started to really love Korean Drama, and finally it came true. I really used my time as much as I could to explore Korea, I didn’t want to waste time. The Scholarship was coming from NIIED (National Institute for International Education ) or KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Student) and they call us GKS (Global Korean Scholar), the scholarship covered everything, from flight, monthly stipend & insurance. They gave me amount of money every month and I had to pay for the school, and the remaining money I used for food, travelling, books, and, for fun ! It’s enough if I could use it wisely. And don’t ask whether it’s enough for me or not. :p

I had 3 seasons, first time I came it was summer, late summer though. And after few weeks I felt heavy to walk my step because of wind, sometimes it was heavy wind and felt really cold. And I felt freezing all the time in Winter, as the Korean People Observed, this year (2011) was the coldest winter they after some years before.Winter is laziest season, everybody prefers to stay in heater room, or even sleep than going anywhere feel the snow. BUT I’m different, as I said I didn’t want to waste the time.

What did I do there ?

Of course study ! I was enjoying study business in Information Technology Specialization, the school is also American Style Teaching-Learning (Flexible Style). That is the plus point. School which the students are coming from more than 30 countries makes the school more comfortable living in inter-cultural life, the cultures diverse, combine, difference, and from this I learn how to handle inter-cultural communication. Being with international friends also open our mind freely to the world. And being outside of the country we will realize our feeling that we really love our country. Well, I do.


3 thoughts on “I Got It, Love

  1. assalamualaikum ..
    WOWW .. you’re so great …
    I envy you …..
    I really wanna go to korea ….woww

  2. amen !!!!
    I hope one day i will have a chance to visit korea, like you !

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