1 Year Has Past

yeah, we’re meeting again!

It has been a year I didn’t touch my keyboard to write anything here. First, I want to admit that now I’m in my first year in university, actually after 2 months later it’ll become 2nd year. I’m in Binus University, just for you to know. hahah.

I’m really sorry for my electronic diary, I mean this blog, because for 1 year you didn’t get anything updates about me, my idea, my experience, so on.

Well, one thing I really do hope is praying from all of you guys. I’m applying scholarship for student exchange and I really do hope it would be me who get this chance to go to Korea. it’s my ambition now.

Okay, I think I should start to write everything in my mind, write my experience and do blog walking again. πŸ™‚

Best Regards,

Zulfanahri a.k.a Elly


3 thoughts on “1 Year Has Past

  1. hendra says:

    wah akhirnya nulis lagi,,

    btw blog theme-nya kereeennn,, hihihih…

  2. ellylista says:

    Hendra : hehehe, iya makasii πŸ˜€

  3. naba says:

    permisi kak, saya kebetulan sedang mencari tahu ttg fasilkom ui dan ketemu blog kakak ini, inspiratif banget kak apalagi ttg matematika dan logikanya cool bgt kayaknya hehehe tapi kalo boleh tau kenapa kakak jadi milih binus ya kak? maaf kalo agak lancang tapi saya buthu pertimbangan2 kenapa memilih dan kenapa tidak memilih fasilkom ui kak, saya termasuk mereka mereka yg belum tau arah mau kemana kedepannya, jadi jawaban kakak ini akan sangat membantu saya, sebelumnya mohon maaf atas kelancangan saya

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