a mathematician sees in the newspaper  an advertisement about a hotel having infinite number of  rooms,,

he considers this advert very interesting and decide to visit that hotel. after his arrival at the hotel. he asks  for a vacant room. the receptionist tells him that all the rooms are occupied and there is no empty one….

however the mathematician insist on that must certainly one room empty by reminding him of  the  advertisement  in the newspaper. upon this, the receptionist adds that there is an infinite number of visitors and that is why all the rooms are full…

after some time of thinking he suggests  to the receptionist the following proposal :

He suggests to send the customer in the 1st room to hthe 2nd room, the one in the 2nd room to the 3rd room, the one in the 3rd room to the 4th room…..

….in that wayit will be possible  for him to get 1st  room,, he thinnkkksss..





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